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Marketing to Specific Demographics


In this episode Mike talks about a growing trend in the retail world: marketing to specific demographics. Mike specifically mentions how retailers can market specific to Baby Boomers by offering them the Power Lift Chair. For more information on this, please contact Mike at Also, Jay discusses how you can automate a webinar. This can act as a list building activity to build your store’s rapport with more people and the best part is that you create one time and it can stay up for as long as you want.

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How You Can Use Web TV for Your Business

In this episode, Mike and Jay talk with the man who encouraged them to create Get Customers Right Now, Charlie McDermott. Charlie gives some tips on how you can use a web TV show to promote your business. Also, Jay discusses some of the mechanics of running a web TV show–from the name of the show to the web address and the scheduling of the show.

Question: How can you use web TV in your business today to generate more sales for your business?

I look forward to hearing your answers and all your feedback in the comments section below.

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Special Episode: Mike’s in Chicago!

This week Mike is in Chicago talking with Dean Killingbeck and Jim Palmer. Mike and Dean talk about a brand new program called the “New Movers Campaign” which allows you to market directly to those people who have recently moved into your target area and are looking for new home furnishings for their new home. For more information on how to market to people who have just moved into your area, Go to

Mike and Jim discuss the single best strategy that we use every month: sending out a newsletter to our customers consistently every month. For more information on how you can leverage the power of newsletters to your current customer base–like Mike–Go to

How are you marketing to new movers and/or your current customer base? Leave your answers–as well as all your feedback–in the comments section below.

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Summer Grill Outs and Personalized Webpages

Get ready for summer! In this episode, Mike discusses his second favorite summertime hobby: summer grill outs. To learn more about the Get Customers Right Now Grill Out programs and how you can use them in your promotions, Follow this Link Get Customers Right Now Grill Out Programs

Jay continues talking about Personalized URLS (PURLS) and its applications in your overall marketing game plan. If you want to try out a PURL for yourself, simply type in your name followed by Altogether it should look like this:

As always, share your comments with us so we can continue to make this the best show that it can be.

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In Store List Building and the Million Dollar Roll

In this episode Mike talks about the Million Dollar Roll, an effective promotion which allows you to reward your customers for doing business with you. The beauty of this promotion is that Everyone is a Winner! Watch the episode to learn the ways in which your customers can win at this promotion and how you can incorporate it in your next campaign.

Jay continues his talk on list building strategies. Today he focuses on building a list from the customers who walk through your doors. The best part about this strategy is that you can even use it to finalize the deal for those customers who are on the fence on buying today.

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Wallet Mailer and PURLS


In this episode, Mike talks about an outrageously effective direct mail piece that breaks through the clutter and draws the attention of your customers: the Wallet Mailer. Click the link below to learn more about the wallet mailer and how you can implement it in your next campaign.

Click Here For the Wallet Mailer

Also, Jay discusses a brand new feature of personalization: Personalized URLS or PURLS for short. These allow you to create unique invitations online for each of your customers to tell them about your campaign and encourage them to go to your store.

Click Here to See a Real Live PURL Page

Finally, Huey Saves the Day! Watch the entire episode to see how Huey Saves the Day!



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Happy Birthday!


Birthdays are the number one most celebrated holiday. In this episode, Mike discusses how you can use this to your marketing advantage and celebrate your customers’ birthdays with them! Click the “Happy Birthday” link below to get yourFree Copy of the Free Report “The 7 Marketing Secrets of the Highly Successful Furniture Retailers”

Happy Birthday!

The internet is changing the way many businesses are marketing to their customers. Jay begins to outline an online strategy that every retailer can implement to attract customers online with the ultimate goal of getting them to take action and go to your store. If you would like more information on attracting customers online and getting them to your store, click the link below

We look forward to reading your comments below!


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The Power of Personalized Marketing

In this episode of Get Customers TV Mike discusses the importance of personalization in your marketing. Personalized marketing makes your customers feel like the message, offer and product was meant specifically for them.  This in turn will prove to be a strong motivational force for your customers to take advantage of the offer and make the purchase. Be sure to visit to learn more about attracting customers online and getting them to go to your store. Tell us how you use online media and what online marketing strategies you use in your business by leaving a comment by clicking the link below  and typing your comment in the box below the video.

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