Posted by admin on 7th January 2011

The Power of Personalized Marketing

In this episode of Get Customers TV Mike discusses the importance of personalization in your marketing. Personalized marketing makes your customers feel like the message, offer and product was meant specifically for them.  This in turn will prove to be a strong motivational force for your customers to take advantage of the offer and make the purchase. Be sure to visit to learn more about attracting customers online and getting them to go to your store. Tell us how you use online media and what online marketing strategies you use in your business by leaving a comment by clicking the link below  and typing your comment in the box below the video.

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  1. John Gibbs says:

    Very Cool Episode. And I must say…. pretty snazzy website!

  2. Great web tv show, lots of great information, looking forward to future episodes…Huey is awesome! You guys aren’t so bad either!

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