Posted by jayroot on 8th March 2011

Happy Birthday!


Birthdays are the number one most celebrated holiday. In this episode, Mike discusses how you can use this to your marketing advantage and celebrate your customers’ birthdays with them! Click the “Happy Birthday” link below to get yourFree Copy of the Free Report “The 7 Marketing Secrets of the Highly Successful Furniture Retailers”

Happy Birthday!

The internet is changing the way many businesses are marketing to their customers. Jay begins to outline an online strategy that every retailer can implement to attract customers online with the ultimate goal of getting them to take action and go to your store. If you would like more information on attracting customers online and getting them to your store, click the link below

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If you would like to watch this episode on Youtube, Click Here

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  1. Love the new video format and information on your exciting new service. Look for my blog post. Best of success to you creative and innovative guys. :)

  2. Huey Root says:

    Hope you retailers take advantage of this great promotional offer. I worked hard to get this audition!
    Huey – the wonder dog!

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