Posted by jayroot on 8th April 2011

In Store List Building and the Million Dollar Roll

In this episode Mike talks about the Million Dollar Roll, an effective promotion which allows you to reward your customers for doing business with you. The beauty of this promotion is that Everyone is a Winner! Watch the episode to learn the ways in which your customers can win at this promotion and how you can incorporate it in your next campaign.

Jay continues his talk on list building strategies. Today he focuses on building a list from the customers who walk through your doors. The best part about this strategy is that you can even use it to finalize the deal for those customers who are on the fence on buying today.

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  1. MUCH BETTER video transmission rate. Thanks guys! The old player was frustrating. LOVE your excellent tips, ideas, and offers. Best of all success to the entire gang. :)

  2. Brad Lloyd says:

    Great Job! Smart move to post on YouTube.
    No delays this episode.
    Was in Philly at Charlie’s TV training a couple weeks back, so Online TV show will be up here, too.

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