Posted by jayroot on 17th March 2011

Wallet Mailer and PURLS


In this episode, Mike talks about an outrageously effective direct mail piece that breaks through the clutter and draws the attention of your customers: the Wallet Mailer. Click the link below to learn more about the wallet mailer and how you can implement it in your next campaign.

Click Here For the Wallet Mailer

Also, Jay discusses a brand new feature of personalization: Personalized URLS or PURLS for short. These allow you to create unique invitations online for each of your customers to tell them about your campaign and encourage them to go to your store.

Click Here to See a Real Live PURL Page

Finally, Huey Saves the Day! Watch the entire episode to see how Huey Saves the Day!



    3 Responses

  1. Jack Wells says:

    wild wild web…..with a wild wild west theme

  2. Brad Lloyd says:

    Very innovative-but it kept stopping.

    Wonder why?

  3. jayroot says:

    I don’t have a definitive answer for you Brad. I know that Mike and I have a browser conflict at times–he uses Internet Explorer and I use Firefox–and there are times when FF appears/plays better than IE. I’ll upload the file to the Get Customers TV Youtube channel and post the link once it’s complete.
    Here’s the Youtube link for this episode:

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